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Covering motorcycle racing events in the Pacific Northwest and around the nation.

About Me

Thank you for visiting this site and for any purchases that you make. 

I love everything about motorsports. I've been a racer, a race organizer, race dad, race club president, course worker and a race reporter. I especially love being in the racing environment, happiest when I'm at a race track and close to others who share my passion.  

Lately I've been busy covering motorcycle races in the Northwest and beyond, posting photos and stories on my Facebook page, Northwest Track Shots.

I created this Smug Mug photo site as another way to share my work with you. I want to help you to preserve your racing memories help you to share those moments with others. Through this site, you'll be able view my photos, and to purchase prints and other products if you desire. Spend as much time browsing as you like.

Purchase instructions follow below. 

Print Services

A large variety of print products are available here at low prices. 

Click on the "Photo Albums" link at the top of the page and you'll be taken to an area where there  are folders for each year. Click on a folder to find albums for each race event, arranged by date.  When you open an album, you'll be able to view the images and select the ones you wish to purchase.

Most of the images here are sized to fit fully onto a 4" x 6" or 8" x 12" print.  Lots of other sizes of paper are available, but the image might not fit exactly. In the checkout section you can crop any  image to fit the size of paper you want. The cropping tool is really easy to use. Remember to check the finished result carefully before you buy.  

All of the images in the albums say "PROOF" across the middle. This does not appear on the prints or other products that you purchase. 

Some of the older images have a yellow watermark with my name on the lower edge. Don't worry about cutting this off when you crop.  It's OK to do that.  I'm working to remove those for you, but it's a big project.

Digital Services

You can purchase inexpensive, high-resolution digital images on this site for personal use. These are large files, suitable for making poster-size prints with no loss of image quality.

By visiting my Facebook page, Northwest Track Shots, you can share and download free watermarked digital images that are sized correctly to be used in Facebook, or as as email attachments and for use in other digital media. The files are too small to make prints, and most processors will not print them because of the watermark. Those images are provided absolutely free of charge to you. Use them as you wish, but please do not modify or remove the watermark on those images. 

Please contact me directly by email at or by phone at 503.380.5137 to request high-resolution images for use in consumer publications, or for use in advertising,  sponsor website placement, blogs, etc. 

Thanks again.

Unauthorized use of the images on this site is theft. All of the images on this site and the watermarked images on Facebook are the property of Tom Stein and are protected by copyright laws. No unauthorized use is allowed or implied, and none should be inferred. Please don't steal.

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